Saturday, March 30, 2019

(225) Murphy's Manor -- Boys on Parade

What could be finer in life than good looking, scantily clad young men strutting past your house for your edification, while you sit in judgment of masculine pulchritude? [Straights, LBTQ&c feel to substitute your own particular objects of lust]. For Duchess, all's right in the world.

This cartoon came out of an Old West End neighborhood festival. It's as gay a neighborhood as Toledo has. I remember weekend-long parties where gay partiers hung out on the front porch and cheered the passing boys.

What, did you think I made this stuff up? (Admittedly,  I  may occasionally exaggerate just a teeny).

Monday, March 18, 2019

(224) Murphy's Manor - Am I too ... ?

Time was when gay men cared about gender roles. Maybe they still do, but it just escapes my notice. Be what you are,  and look for someone who likes it. Over the next 1,000 comic strips Vernon will gradually get the message. 

Heavens! Did I write that third panel? Yes, it's tacky. I was tempted to edit it.  Finally decided to leave it alone because it's what the character would have said in that time and place. Gay men's and women's groups were pretty separate then. Men held that  "gay" was inclusive, and women countered that they did not appreciate the atmosphere of gay men's social events. This strip is an example of what passed for gay humor. Usually Vernon goes along with it, but this time being  "effeminate" is getting him down. Sometimes even I am surprised at how much gender identity has changed. I'm also a little surprised at the foreshadowing it hints at  nearly  1,200 comic strips hence.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

(222) Murphy's Manor - Safe Porn

Hey, it could happen.

(221) Murphy's Manor - Jeff Answers a Classified Ad

In the eighties, sex ads were part of almost every local gay newspaper. What has changed?

 Most gay men were closeted, As a matter of practice, they were secretive about sex. If you wanted to meet someone, what option did you have but going to the baths, going to the bars, or answering ads?

 I think we were easier to shock in the 1980s. Today we all know the sort of thing exists, but we just ignore it. Or is it just that I have aged by 35 years?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

(220) Murphy's Manor-Close Only Counts for Hand Grenades and Sex

The AIDS crisis called for gay men to rethink sexual activity. For my part, it was just as well -- I spent Saturday nights drawing cartoons rather than cruising.

BTW, yes the character's name was inspired by the Damon Runyon character,  Harry the Horse. There's no particular point to it -- just an extra giggle for me.

Monday, March 4, 2019

(219) Murphy's Manor - Life During AIDS

In a time when we were understandably obsessed with AIDS, we still found ways to enjoy life.