Sunday, February 14, 2016

(954) Murphy's Manor #954 By Antonin Scalia

Forgive my jumping ahead so many years in comic strips, but this is so timely there's nothing but to do it.

You probably didn't know that the late Justice Antonin Scalia once wrote a Murphy's Manor comic strip.

Of course he didn't know that's what he was doing at the time.

I didn't exactly ask his permission.

And I never shared with him the bountiful royalties I realized out of his golden words.

In pace requiescat, his molestation of the Latin language and all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

(35) O a faggot bufoon

Here's something that hasn't changed. Gay literature splits into camps of tacky (raunchy) or PC, and "Either type will bore or offend somebody." 

Too true of cartoons in general. Hey, maybe if I try hard enough I can do both at the same time!

On the whole I have probably worried too much about giving offense  in trying to make everybody happy with my cartoons. Result: it avoids offense but takes the bite out of cartoons. It's how we get comic strips like the Family Circus. O a private buffoon is a lighthearted loon if you listen to popular rumor…