Sunday, December 27, 2015

(30) Are You Good Enough to be Queer?

In the 1980s we had to contend with Anita Bryant who accused us of recruiting. Honestly! did she really think we'd let just ANYBODY into the club??

Sunday, December 6, 2015

(29) Murphy's Manor's Cute Cuddly Funny Animal

Every comic strip needs a cute talking animal character. No one ever complained that Queenie didn't talk. 

In the 1980s crabs were an STD that while uncomfortable and embarrassing were more or less harmless.  The worst crabs story I ever heard was about somebody who had a tough time getting rid of them.  He ended up shaving his entire body and the bathing in kerosene. But nobody died of crabs, so it was easy to joke about.

But you know something?  Maybe I hang out with the wrong crowd, but among today's young LGBT activists, I don't hear jokes about Crabs anymore. Are crabs extinct, or has the
LGBT community become too respectable to mention them?