Friday, July 15, 2016

(52) The Wisdom of Jeff

This completes the first year of Murf.

Again, Jeff is showing too much knowledge -- wasn't Cervantes a hot Mexican guy he met at the baths?

I have always had a satirical bite. And I turn it on the community as readily as I turn it on our foes. But affectionately, mind you.

I am now leaving for the Queers and Comics conference in NYC, where I will be a presenter. Wish me luck! Murf posts resume afterward. Catch you then. [Written in May 2015 - Ke]

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

(51) 1983: the First Hint of AIDS

A milestone strip - my first commenting on a Rilly Important Issue. And in a sense, my first AIDS strip.

Of course this cartoon is about a sexually-transmitted strain of hepatitis. Murf rolls his eyes, indicating this person is a fool -- the cure for hepatitis came fairly early, but god knows what other risks are out there?

God knows indeed! It was 1983.

(50) Gay Slots

Also with the advent of casinos I have to wonder -- do any of them have gay slot machines? Does does having a naked boy shake his buns at you improve your odds of winning?

Or at least make you feel better about losing?