Tuesday, April 18, 2017

(1186) Did I Mention That I'm Working on a Book?

I'm not sure if I'm talking to an audience or just talking to myself. But if you've been following these cartoons, perhaps you would be interested in knowing what's on my drawing board nowadays. And in fact has been on my drawing board for two years.

I had dreams of unveiling my new book At Queers in Comics in San Francisco last week. It's mostly Murphy's Manor strips that have already been published, but arranged in a manner that tells a story. A story I didn't realize I was telling at the time. The last chapter is entirely new strips. About fifteen I think — I have about five or six done.

Can you believe that I used to do one of these cartoons every week? And now I can't manage to do one a month?

I have no illusions of being able to rebuild my customer base I used to have on top of the cigarette machines in gay bars across the country. With or without any money, I do plan on posting the strips to the Internet. Eventually. And for those who insist on the convenience of paper, I hope to have a book or two available.

It's just taking a whole lot more time that I thought it would.

The years have passed, and there is no going back to Murphy's Manor as it was in the 1980s. As you'll see from this one panel, Mark and Murf have both aged. Curiously, Jeff, still a boarder at Murphy's Manor, looks exactly the same. Maybe even a little younger. And he has sold all his shirts. I don't know why that didn't strike me in 1985.

A tip of the hat to Jeff Krell if he's out there. I've concluded you're right.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

(73) Name Your Gay Poison

I never liked bars, gay or otherwise. As I've elaborated on before. Early in Murf I did a few bar gags, but I quickly ran out of things to say.

My normal poison would have been rum and coke. If I wanted to enjoy a drink, I might get an amaretto and cream.

Those were the days, eh? My wild oats were few and quickly sewn.