Tuesday, September 11, 2018

(215) Murphy's Manor: Computer Sex is Safe

I hardly know where to start commenting on this strip, which suggests the computer as a means of avoiding AIDS (HTLV-III).

It's so outdated -- but if you swap a flash drive for the 5" floppy disk, and 64 kbits for 16, the story stills holds up.

But conspicuously absent is the internet!

The one cutting edge technology I had that is still cutting edge is the "input-output" booth. As in 1986, the imagination boggles at what that could be. Some kind of virtual reality setup?

No doubt the booth would be a marketing opportunity. You think Star Wars, for instance, revolves around merchandising now? How about a Star Wars Play Station VR sex module? Just for starters.

With the booth's internet connection,   Microsoft,  Amazon,  Google, and Facebook would track a complete record of your VR fantasies.

How safe does computer sex look now?